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Work plan


The work plan proposed in this Project consists on alternating the development of the necessary theoretical models to cover the raised needs with the development of the applications and tools which materialize these models, as well as the use and test of these partial results in preschool education.

From a theoretical point of view, the work lines of this Project may be summarized into three points, which will help us to converge toward the proposed objectives.

Next we shall enumerate and provide details on the activities and tasks proposed in this work plan:

  1. Constructing a group model and a student model

    • Defining a multidimensional group model on capacities and skills as well as a model group comprising all the children in the same level and constructing the profile representing schoolchildren as a social unit.
    • Implementing a server of group and user models.
  2. Constructing domain ontology

    • Defining an ontology comprising the knowledge 3-, 4- and 5-year-old children must have and all the elements which may take part in his/her learning process.
    • Defining tools to edit and maintain the ontology knowledge.
    • Defining mechanisms of interaction between ontology and the different environmental elements, depending on the needs of the speaker.
  3. Defining a flexible and configurable task model and adapting it to childhood education

    • Defining a generic mechanism to create tasks based on patterns, pattern composition and ontology interaction
    • Implementing patterns and their semantics for tasks of cognitive, motor, transversal nature and reading.
    • Implementing patterns and their semantics for tasks of social nature, which shall also include cognitive, reading motor and transversal aspects.

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