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ESCRIBO [icono]

ESCRIBO is a system for writing teaching in childhood schools.

ESCRIBO allows the teacher creating reusable masks for simple and quick generation of activities. Furthermore, ESCRIBO can also define the system of stages schoolchildren are meant to go through in order to assure their correct learning development and progress. In addition, by means of metadata, the system can generate activities adapted to each child.

Students can complete the activities they have been assigned on paper and subsequently scan them, or complete them directly on a tablet PC. If a student has no assigned activities, these can be automatically generated.

ESCRIBO also disposes of a system of automatic evaluation of activities, independently from the input device used (tablet PC or paper + scanner), and updates the user model with the results obtained. Thus, the activities can be automatically generated according to this model in order to highlight or emphasize those aspects involving particular difficulty for particular children.


Finally, ESCRIBO provides a monitoring tool which enables the teacher to supervise schoolchildren’s development and progress, compare it to average development results, etc.



Project report

Project presentation

Pictures of the software application in classroom

Further information (email + TFC link + video of the software when operating)



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